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Drain Cleaning Products

Better and stronger than over-the-counter products, Roto-Rooter offers a complete line of drain care products for residential applications. These preventive maintenance products are designed to help keep clogs from forming.

All our products are environmentally safe and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Drain Cleaning Services

Samuel Blanc invented the Roto-Rooter drain cleaning machine in 1933, and started the Roto-Rooter Company in 1935. His invention essentially founded an entirely new kind of sewer cleaning industry.

Modern day electric-powered drain cleaning machines haven't changed all that much since then. They still rely on rotating cutting blades to bore through a clog, and they are highly effective for opening clogged drains and clearing lines of roots and other debris.

Today Roto-Rooter is the largest plumbing repair and drain cleaning company in North America. When drains get clogged, Roto-Rooter provides fast, dependable, reliable service to get your drains flowing freely so you can get back to business.